Scss Configuration

? Main Menu 
  Configure targets 
❯ Configure scss 
  Configure babel 
  Configure ignore file 
  Configure concurrency 
  Save configuration and exit

Quickshot has the ability to compile SCSS before uploading to Shopify. This can make your workflow easier, and keep your pages loading fast by only needing to include one css file in theme.liquid.

Run qs configure

Go to Configure scss

You will then be asked if you want to enable SCSS compilation.

? Would you like to enable automatic compiling for scss files? (Y/n)

Press y. Then you will be asked what file to use for your primary SCSS file. If unsure accept the default.

? Enter relative path to primary scss file. 
 e.g. theme/assets/application.css (theme/assets/application.scss)

The filename entered will be recompiled anytime ANY .scss file changes while using quickshot theme watch.

You will want to put all your @import calls in that file. Then in your theme.liquid you will only need to include the compiled .css.liquid file.