Create Targets

? Main Menu Configure targets
? Manage targets (Use arrow keys)
❯ Create target 
  Edit target 
  Delete target 
  List targets 
  Done managing targets

Run qs configure

Go to Configure targets > Create target

You will then be asked for all of the following information.

  • Target Name - Staging, Development or whatever you wish
  • API Key - Copied from the Private Apps Settings page in Shopify
  • Password - Copied from the Private Apps Settings page in Shopify
  • Store URL - URL to the Shopify store you want to connect to (quickshot only needs the subdomain)
  • Theme - Quickshot will display all the available themes from your shop, use your arrow keys to select which one you want to connect to


Private Apps Settings?

If you’re wondering what those are, go to in your web browser. Click on “Create private app” to generate the credentials for a new app. Quickshot, will need the API Key and Password of this newly generated app.

After configuring a target, you are returned to the Manage targets menu. From there you can edit, delete, and display a list of all configured targets. If you are finished adding targets select Done managing targets to continue.